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Please note we are currently teaching from our private home dojo (see note below).
Classes are by appointment only.

Practicing strking the 'Ishi' (stone)
Practicing strking the 'Ishi' (stone)

The Shuri Karate Dojo™ (formally the Kazoku Karate Dojo) was first established in the United Kingdom in 1986 by Adam Carter 8th dan Hanshi, teaching children and adults traditional Okinawan karate. We have now relocated to the Chicago area, Illinois, USA. There are classes each week for all levels and abilities.

Karate in Okinawa prior to the 1900's was taught as a way of protecting oneself from civilian attacks and wasn't governed by style as it is today. Our dojo follows the older Okinawan tradition of training from a small home based dojo. What we lack in size, we make up in quality and the sincerity of our training.

The main difference in the way we practice and teach our karate, is the underlying philosophy that all our studies are based around the use and creation of techniques and principles used in actual self-protection, rather than used in any sporting context. (Click here to learn more about our karate style)

Our Mission:

We welcome new members who wish to study and discover the traditional principals and skills within our art. We will not discriminate against any individual that may join us. The harmony of our philosophy was born from the characters of honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion, and we welcome everyone who will accept these guiding principles and adhere to these time honored teachings.

Our aim: is the preservation of our art, the cultural traditions and heritage we have been entrusted with, by demonstrating sincere devotion and humility to our study. We ask all students to display sincere respect towards the art which they study, their Sensei, fellow students and Dojo guests. Indeed this is our "Mission Statement."

Dojo Information

Our heritage from Takahashi O'Sensei image
Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū is one of the
oldest Japanese martial arts, founded (c)1480

At the Shuri Karate Dojo we have the following:

We know the hardest step is the first one, we were all beginners once, so make that important first step with us at the Shuri Karate Dojo. Don't delay, come and JOIN US and become part of our traditional karate family.

"Ichariba chode" (行逢りば兄弟). An Okinawan expression ….. “Though we meet but once, even by chance, we are friends for life.”

Adam Carter Hanshi image


  • Training since 1974
  • Wado-Ryu, Sankukai
  • Shito-Ryu Karate
  • Ryukyu Karate Kobudo
  • Hanshi certificate
  • Click here for biography
Noel Carter Shihan image


  • Training since 1999
  • Freestyle kickboxing
  • Boxing, Kyokushin
  • Ryukyu Karate Kobudo
  • Shihan certificate
  • Click here for biography

Please Note:

We do not accept all applications for membership. Our dojo follows the older Okinawan tradition of training from a small home based dojo. We follow a strict code of conduct and all applications are considered on merit. We only accept those students who are dedicated and committed to Karate training for the long term.

Note for experienced martial artists: This is a private dojo that is not open to visitors without first gaining permission to train. The dojo exists to take beginners from white belt onwards. It does not cater to experienced martial artists looking for one-off training or transferring from another style.

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