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The Shuri Karate Dojo is recognized as a leading traditional martial arts school. We are dedicated to the preservation of the martial arts and cultural heritage of the Karate and Kobudo of Okinawa.

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Itosu Anko Master of Ryukyu Shurite

Style Founder

Honorary President and Association Chairman

Shuri Dojo Founder and Chief Instructor

Shuri Dojo Senior Instructor


Please Note:

Our dojo does not accept all applications for membership. We are a traditional dojo where we follow a strict code of conduct and all applications are considered on merit. The dojo is no longer a commercial school and we teach from our home dojo. Therefore we only accept those students who are dedicated and committed to Karate training for the long term.

Note for experienced martial artists: This is a private dojo that is not open to visitors without first gaining permission to train. The dojo exists to take beginners from white belt onwards. It does not cater to experienced martial artists looking for one-off training or transferring from another style.

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