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Traditional Okinawan Karate School
in the Chicago area.
Classical tradition, preserving yesterday,
learning from today,
researching for tomorrow.

Established 1986

Class Times & Fees

Please note we are currently teaching from our private home dojo (see note below).
Classes are by appointment only.

Our Private Home Dojo image
Our Private Home Dojo

Karate is a discipline that requires commitment. Different than other activity or passtime. The skills of Karate must be developed gradually and each component builds off of the last. We believe that this commitment to Karate gives students a commitment to themselves and their physical and mental wellbeing. The level of physical fitness you attain will grow as you progress in your Karate. What you will learn in Karate will be with you for a life time!

Good attendance is the key to progress. Although once a week practice is better than no practice at all, it is recommended to train at least two or three times per week to gain the benefits that the Shuri Karate Dojo offers.


** We are currently running a reduced schedule

Class Times

  • **Mon, Tues, Thurs
  • ** Friday   Closed
  • Wed 4.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Sat 10.30am - 1.30pm
  • Sun - CLOSED


  • ONLY $10.00
  • $50 Reg fee
  • Just finish your month

Family Discounts are available

Other costs

Note that the "other costs" are not required immediately on registration. You may wait until you are sure you enjoy the benefits of training at the Shuri Karate Dojo.

Traditional white karate uniform (Keikogi - basic uniform purchased through the school), prices start from $55.00.

Dojo 'Mon' (Keikogi badge/patch) $10.00

Students who wish to participate in dojo sparring will be expected to purchase adequate protective equipment. Please talk with the instructor prior to any purchase. These items will include: hand mitts, leg pads, gum shield and for males, groin protector.

Call us for details

Telephone: (708) 878-7157. Contact us by Email HERE

Please Note:

Our dojo does not accept all applications for membership. We are a traditional dojo where we follow a strict code of conduct and all applications are considered on merit. The dojo is no longer a commercial school and we teach from our home dojo. Therefore we only accept those students who are dedicated and committed to Karate training for the long term.

Note for experienced martial artists: This is a private dojo that is not open to visitors without first gaining permission to train. The dojo exists to take beginners from white belt onwards. It does not cater to experienced martial artists looking for one-off training or transferring from another style.

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