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The Shuri Dojo is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of the martial arts and its traditions. We strive to be a reputable and respected dojo, dedicated to preserving the classical traditional karate from Okinawa.

After spending over 50 years of practice and teaching in the martial arts, we decided to finally make karate our own, to reflect OUR journey through the martial arts.

We are founding members of the Ryukyu Denryu Kyokai (琉球傳流協會) which is dedicated to upholding the rich heritage and unique principles of Ryukyu karate. Our association name, "Ryukyu Denryu Kyokai," translates to "Ryukyu Tradition Association," reflecting our commitment to passing down the knowledge and skills of the Ryukyu martial arts through the generations.

Many of the friends we had around the world, who had become somewhat despondent with the politics, the high cost of memebership fees of the groups they belonged to, asked us to form a martial arts group based on the traditional values of Japan and Okinawa's past.

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Ryukyu arts and the cultural traditions and heritage we have been entrusted with for the next generation of traditional students. Our aim within the Ryukyu Denryu Kyokai is to help preserve and promote these traditional roots, with the cultural heritage of the classical karate and kobudo of Okinawa.

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To assit us in our goals and desire to be a pragmatic karate dojo, the chief instructor of the Shuri Dojo, Adam Carter, is a member of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (琉球唐手術国際研究会) established 1989 in Japan by Patrick McCarthy 10th dan Hanshi. The IRKRS is an information based society dedicated to studying, the origins, evolution and tactical application theories of old-school (Koryu) karate and kobudo.

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