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The Shuri Karate Dojo is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of the martial arts and its traditions. We strive to be a reputable and respected dojo, dedicated to preserving the classical family style of traditional karate from Okinawa.

The Shuri Karate Dojo is affiliated with the following:

The Takahashi-ha no Ryukyu Shuri-te Karate-do Kokusai Renmei is an organization entrusted with passing on and preserving the martial art of the late Takahashi Kentsu (1900-1994). Takahashi Sensei was a student of the 'Tenshin Katori Shinto Ryu' in Japan, which is one of the oldest surviving martial arts in Japan, the total embodiment of Koryu Bujutsu (old style martial arts), and Yabu Kentsu and Chibana Choshin of Okinawa.

During 1953, Takahashi Sensei founded his own organization and here he began teaching to small groups of selected students, where he concentrated teaching and emphasizing the traditional ideology and the spirituality of "Koryu Bujutsu" (old style martial arts).

Today, Gary O'connor, Hanshi, Judan (10th dan), is the legitimate inheritor of Takahashi-ha no Ryukyu Shuri-te Karate-do from Takahashi Kentsu. We are the official representatives and senior instructors for the USA, under Garry O'Connor Hanshi 10th dan.

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The Shuri Karate Dojo is a founding member of the International Shuriway Karate & Kobudo Society (国際首里道唐手と古武道会). An information based society dedicated to studying, the origins, evolution and cultural heritage of the traditional and classical martial arts of Okinawa and Japan.

Originally established in the UK in 1999 for the purpose of providing a reference resource for the noble discipline of Karate and Kobudo, for current practitioners, newcomers and those interested in finding further information. The Founder, Adam Carter 8th dan Hanshi, was asked to form a traditional martial art group to umbrella the many friends he had around the world who had become somewhat despondent with the politics of the groups they belonged to, based on the traditional values of Japan and Okinawa's past.

The Shuri Karate Dojo is the So-Honbu for the ISKKS. Visit the website HERE

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