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The Shuri Dojo is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of the martial arts and its traditions. We strive to be a reputable and respected dojo, dedicated to preserving the classical traditional karate from Okinawa.

Passionate about the traditional fighting arts, but prefering functionality and pragmatism over the modern interpretation of karate. Inspired by the likes of Ronnie Colwell, Patrick McCarthy, Iain Abernethy, Vince Morris and many more pragmatic karate teachers. (no direct lineage is implied)

Karate and its kata has undergone many modifications over the years to comply with non-combative considerations such as competition, athleticism, “style purity”, aesthetics and more. Historically, karate and its kata, were created to record the fighting methods or principles of a given individual for civilian self-defense.

Much of what is referred to as ‘karate’ today, is just highly choreographed 'karate-ka' vs 'karate-ka' demonstrations, which often start with impractical blocking techniques.

Anko Itosu image
Itosu Anko an early
karate-jutsu pioneer
courtesy of Patrick McCarthy

Fighting, martial arts and self-protection, require differing skill sets, different methodologies in its practice. Most dojo and associations today consider just blocking, punching, and kicking and are not in any way related to the historical roots of karate. We do not follow or support this interpretation, with its completely unrealistic techniques and practices.

The Shuri Dojo is here to help students understand realistic pragmatic karate, with the sporting element removed. Principles based upon those which were created by the early karate pioneers, such as Itosu Anko, and before its modernization and addition of sporting rules and regulations.

Many karate schools today are entrenched in traditions, legacies and lineages that do not provide authentic and functional karate. A modern karate based system in NOT designed to provide effective answers to civillian self-defence.

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To assit us in our goals, the chief instructor at the Shuri Dojo, Adam Carter, is a member of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (琉球唐手術国際研究会) established in 1989 in Japan. The IRKRS is an information based organization dedicated to studying, the origins, evolution and tactical application theories of old-school (Koryu) karate and kobudo.

The founder and head instructor is Patrick McCarthy, 10th dan Hanshi. Known worldwide for his pragmatic and practical approach to the martial arts, Hanshi McCarthy holds 'Yudansha' (black belt) accreditation in Jujutsu, Judo, Yamaneryu Kobudo and Sugino-ha Katori Shinto Ryu (Japanese swordsmanship).

Hanshi McCarthy is the author of several historical publications including, ‘The Bubishi' the classical manual of combat which is described as 'Okinawa’s ancient book of knowledge'. He has also authored numerous articles/papers, etc., and a collection of educational DVDs.

The IRKRS, located in Okinawa, offers an incredibly deep insight into the cultural heritage and practices of the karate pioneers, linking the original practices and intent to modern day practice. Hanshi McCarthy and the IRKRS has accumulated an incredible historic compilation of old school karate practices and is fundamental to our studies at the Shuri Dojo.

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