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Karate is a Okinawan/Japanese Martial Art - that is, a fighting system, with useful techniques that can ultimately be used for self-defence.

To be able to use Karate effectively, each separate technique - blocking, kicking, punching etc. - has to first be practised individually then put together into different combinations during basic training. Only after understanding the basics can students begin to learn how to apply them to the varied circumstances they may encounter.

Traditional set forms called 'KATA' have been handed down by masters from previous generations for the purpose of perfecting the techniques learnt at each stage. These play an important part in development. The style of Karate we practice at the Shuri Karate Dojo is a traditional style, it retains many of these original forms.

More than a simple sport or keep-fit method, Karate develops mastery of both mind and body. The more diligent the study, the greater the result.

The Karate we practice is very traditional, with a great deal of emphasis on the 'self-defence' aspect of Karate. Karate is not about fighting, but more a lifestyle, learning about ourselves, continuing throughout your lifetime and into old age, through the rigors of discipline, physical and mental training.

Whole families can take up Karate - and often do! Come with your friends, or come to make friends. You can practice on your own too, when you have a few spare minutes in your day. Children from as young as six years of age are welcome. Its also a great way to improve fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination.

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Sokuichi Gibu, Hanshi, Judan from Okinawa

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