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Welcome from Mabuni Kenzo Soke

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Mabuni Kenzo Soke

Paraphrased - original letter in Japanese

"The art of Shito-Ryu was founded in 1929 by my father MABUNI KENWA. ....... with its headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Now we have many branches spread throughout the world. As my father's successor, I have dedicated myself to preserving his teachings and the legacy of Shito-Ryu."

"I hope that you enjoy your visit to this Website. The strength of our art is measured by the commitment, hard work, and character of all our members."

This letter given to Carter-sensei by Mabuni Soke on Oct 17th 2001

Sadly Mabuni Kenzo Soke passed away at 2.45pm, on 26 June 2005.

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