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Presented below is the English translation to many popular Kata.

ANNANKOsouthern light
AOYAGIgreen willow
BASSAI DAIto breach a fortress - (major version)
BASSAI SHOto breach a fortress - (minor version)
CHINTEIextraordinary hands
CHINTOfighting to the east or name of chinese official
GOJUSHIHOthe 54 steps
HAPPO SHOeight walk 1949
HIJI ATE GO HOfive step elbow smashing form
JIINtemple ground
JIONtemple sound
KENSHOpure/innocent light
KOSOKUNDAIname of chinese attaché
KURURUNFAcome stay the waves/forever stops/peacefulness/tearing
MATSUKAZIpine tree wind
MYOJOmorning star
NAIHANCHIN sideways fighting
NIPAIPOtwenty eight steps
NISEISHItwenty four steps
PINAN 1,2,3,4,5 peaceful mind
ROHAIsign of the white heron
SAIHAtearing or breaking point
SANCHINthree battles
SEIENCHINcalm without the storm
SHIHOKOSOKUNname of chinese attaché (4 direction version)
SHINPAmind wave
SHINSEIpure heart
SHISOCHINfour calm monks
SOCHINmen of peace
SUPERINPAI108 or name of a white crane general
TENSHIN HAPPOeight directions of defence
TENSHOrolling hand
UNSHUhand in the clouds
WANSHUa chinese ambassador's name

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